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The Pillars of Islam

The five bases of the Islamic faith: Shahada (confession of faith), Salat (prayer), zakat (almsgiving), Sawm (fasting), especially during the month of Ramadan),and Hajj (the pilgrimage to Mecca).

1- Faith (Shahadah)

The 1st pillar of Islam is Shahadah. It has 2 parts the first is to believe that there is no god but Allah, the one and only, who is independent. Allah does not have children neither is he anyones child, Allah does not depend on anything but everything depends on Allah, and Allah does not possess any human or limited characteristics. The second part of the Shahadah is to believe that Prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him) is his last and final messenger.



The 2nd pillar is Salaah. Salaah is prayers, that are performed five times a day. Prayers are led by an Imam in the Mosque. Prayers are set at dawn, noon, late-afternoon, sunset and nightfall. Each salaah is performed facing towards the Kaabah which is located in Makkah, Saudi Arabia.
Prayer (Salaah) is compulsory on all Muslims. Children should start praying 5 times daily at the age of 10 or 12. Prayers help Muslims communicate with and worship Allah. Prayers are have to be performed in the Arabic language and Wudhu (the act of washing ones body in a specific way) is performed before praying to spiritually clean and purify the soul.
In Salah, Muslims follow set movements called rakaahs which include kneeling, bowing down, prostrating and sitting.


The 4th pillar is Saum. Saum is fasting, fasting takes place from dawn to dusk. From sunrise to sunset you cannot drink or eat anything, neither can you indulge in intimate marital acts. There are compulsory fasts and voluntary fast. The fast that is part of the five pillars takes place in the 9th month of the Islamic calendar: Ramadan. It is an obligatory act for all adults and children from the age of 10.It helps develop self-control and helps us to overcome selfishness, greed and laziness. You are advised to open your fast with a date. The fast is meant to remember the needy and seek nearness to Allah.

3- Zakaat

The 3rd pillar is Zakaat. Zakaat is charity given to the poor and needy. Zakaat is different than Sadaqa which is voluntary charity. Zakaat is an obligation and a must for every muslim to take out a set percentage of his/her earnings and to give it in the way of Allah. Zakat means “purification.” Each Muslim calculates his or her own zakah individually.

The Prophet said, “Even meeting your brother with a cheerful face is an act of charity.” The Prophet also said: “Charity is a necessity for every Muslim.”


The 5th pillar is Hajj. Hajj is to visit the Kaba and to take part in specific rituals and acts that have been the same since 1400+ years ago. The Hajj takes place in Makkah during the Islamic month of Zul – Hijjah. It is Compulsory for all Muslims who are sane and able, to perform Hajj at least once in their lifetime. Everyone wears 2 white pieces of cloth regardless of age, gender, race or status in society; this is to symbolize equality and our status in the eyes of Allah. To show us that the only thing that differs us from one another is the strength of our belief and religion.

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