About Us

The Cavan’s Muslim community established the Cavan mosque in the year, 2000. Cavan mosque has the honor of being the first mosque built in Cavan. The original Cavan mosque opened in 2000 in one residential unit as a mussallah by muslim residents of Cavan in the area of Drumnavanagh, near Cavan General Hospital. The mosque building was purchased in 2014. After the necessary amendments and restructuring of the building as per requirements the mosque opened for the daily five prayers and other prayers, including Salat e Jummah, Tarawih in Ramadan and Eid prayers in February, 2016.

Since then, by the grace of Almighty Allah Subhana the mosque under the patronage of Cavan Islamic Cultural Society has been providing services to the Muslim community with great spirit.

Alhamdullilah, the demands and wishes are increasing by the community for other services such as, Quranic education classes for the youth, courses for hadiths and Fiqah as well as activities for the youth in an Islamic environment for their better nurturing and development. Therefore, expansion plans are under consideration now. We wish and believe that Inn Sha Allah these services will be available soon to the public